Welcome to Ninox Air Navigation Services

Ninox Air Navigation Services SL is a joint-venture between the Spanish Engineering Company Gesnaer Consulting and Avinor Air Navigation Services from Norway. The ambition of Ninox is to help the Spanish Airports to improve the Air Navigation Services while lowering their costs.

The two partners have entered into a long-term commitment and have set up Ninox ANS with a Headquarter in Madrid. The aim of the partners is to build a new and strong ANSP in Spain. Ninox will benefit from the competence in the Civil Aviation, Airports and Aeronautical Industry of Gesnaer and the operational experience of Avinor ANS, based on operating ATC/CNS at 50 airports in Norway.

  • Tower ATC
  • Remote Tower Services
  • AFIS
  • CNS
  • Apron Direction Services
  • Airspace design

For more information, please contact:

Juan Manuel Pérez y Gil de la Serna

Telephone: +34 916 52 77 64

E-mail: jmperezgil@ninox.es

Håkan Olsson

Telephone: +47 99 49 20 01

E-mail: hakan.olsson@ninox.es